I recently attended a training course titled “Transitioning to First-Line Supervision.” This course was taught by J Harris Academy of Police Training. My goal was to compare and contrast to a supervision course I previously attended. First-Line Supervision teaches not only what should be done, but how to achieve these objectives using a best practice approach from legal, ethical, and practical experiences. The most significant skill taught in this course is the human element of leading, motivating, monitoring, and mentoring subordinate officers in both controlled and crisis environments. In summary, the Transitioning to First-Line Supervision course taught by J Harris Academy of Police Training was a superior course and is  more applicable to our agency.

Ted K.

I would like to thank the J. Harris Academy of Police Training team for helping me score #2 on my department’s Sergeant’s exam.  This was my fourth time testing for Sergeant and all other times came out in the 20s.  This was my first time using J. Harris and improved to #2.  J. Harris Academy of Police Training gave me the edge I needed to improve my ranking.  From classroom instruction, to study material, to individual attention, to mock oral interviews, this team cares about your success.  Thank you again for all of your prep and most importantly for putting me in the proper mindset to endure the emotional roller coaster which is the testing process.  It really made a difference. From #23 with no J. Harris to #2 with J. Harris. It says a lot…  Jason Conrad, NJ Transit PD

From study tips to preparation techniques, and ultimately the confidence to compete and succeed, the J. Harris Academy gave me the tools I needed to make lieutenant on the first exam offered by the City of Chicago in over 10 years!”   

Lieutenant Donald Jones, Chicago Police Department


If you are looking for an edge up on your next promotional exam I highly recommend Jim Harris and his staff.  They have the knowledge and skill to really make a difference in your score.  In Chicago the competition is stiff and has many other obstacles to overcome. But with hard work and help from the J Harris training crew you can do it. They know what works on these tests, provide you with guidance and, at times, a bit of needed confidence.  Truly, without them I wouldn’t be a lieutenant today. 

Sincerely grateful,

Lt. S. Huffman CPD

Mr. Harris,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and the instructors for the superior instruction and preparation for the Sgt’s exam. With your program, I scored a 92.970 and ranked number 1 on my departments list!

Thank you

Shawn Lesniewski

Just wanted to thank you for helping me come out number 1 on my departments list with a score of 93.6.  It was my first time taking the test and I’ve only been on the job for 5 years so your class was instrumental in helping me. Much appreciated.

Nick Snyder
Fair Lawn PD

You guys ROCK!!! I have taken classes from all of the study groups. You are unique in presenting the material so you learn and not memorize or highlight. When you learn and know the subject it becomes second nature. In addition, your instructors are animated and give examples which allows for association that is huge when recalling material. I have always recommended you to anyone that asks because of those reasons and because it works! Thank you for this score! I couldn’t have done it without you! Kudos to you and your instructors!

Heidi Smith-Ash
Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office
2017 Captain’s Exam #1 Score

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Captain Harris and Captain Bloodgood for their guidance in preparing me for the Captain’s exam. This was my first time using J Harris Academy for test preparation and I was extremely satisfied! I can honestly say I didn’t see any unfamiliar material on the written portion of the exam. Either through lecture or by way of studying the assigned homework/reading assignments, they had every area covered. I especially liked the video breakdown and written breakdowns of the management book. It provided a way for easy studying on the go and even at the gym! Captain Harris and Captain Bloodgood provided several opportunities to meet for Oral Board coaching and feedback. Both extended themselves to meet outside of normal class time to provide additional coaching and feedback for the Oral board. I’m forever grateful to Captain Bloodgood who even met with me on his lunch break to coach me one last time before my oral exam date. As a result of the amazing team at the J Harris Training Academy, I scored #1 and was appointed to Captain on April 3rd,2017.

Thank you,
Captain Lashonda Burgess
Hillside Police Department

Jim assisted me with preparing for an interview for Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief. His ability to convey his knowledge, expertise and evaluation skills was exceptional. He is the consummate professional and very candid with his recommendations. Thanks to Jim’s help, I was recently promoted to Assistant Chief for my Department. I am eternally grateful for Jim’s help and I highly recommend him to assist you with preparing for your promotional process!

Jarad Phelps
Assitant Chief

Capt. Harris,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and Lt. Rizzo for preparing me for the Lieutenant€™s exam. As a result of the coaching provided by both of you, I came out number one on the exam and I was recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on November 30, 2016. This was the first time I have utilized the J. Harris Academy of Police Training to prepare for a promotional exam and I was impressed with how well prepared I was. The study strategy you recommended, along with the thorough breakdown of both textbooks, was instrumental in helping me retain the material for this exam. The most important skill I learned from your prep course was the mental preparation/focus required to study consistently for weeks at a time. I was amazed at how much material, including classroom sessions, online study sessions, video instruction and personal coaching was provided in the prep course for such a reasonable rate. It was very clear to me, when I walked in the door for the first time, just how knowledgeable all of the instructors were in the area of promotional exams. I would absolutely recommend the J. Harris Academy of Police Training to anyone considering a prep class for a promotional exam. I truly appreciate all of the assistance the J. Harris Academy of Police Training has provided me. Have a great Holiday!


Lt. James Komsa
Manchester Twp. Police

The SGT exam results have finally been published. Not only am I thrilled about scoring in the top ten for the Camden County PD and can’t thank you and your team enough! I’m certain I would not have done as well as I did without the structure and guidance of your review course. I will definitely be seeing you for the Lieutenant’s exam!

Tom Collins
Camden NJ

The training for orals was the grand slam and your program surpassed all my expectations. I truly would not have scored as I did without you and your program.

Kansas City, Kansas

After taking the test last night, I couldn’t believe how well the class prepped me for it. Some of the test questions seemed like they were your practice questions, just with different names. After getting home and reviewing material, there was one question I know I got wrong, but that is my fault. Overall, the class was worth every penny and I will definitely recommend this class to fellow officers. Thank you.

Zachary Kolins,
Camden County Sheriff’s Department

Let me start off by saying this class was by far the best class I’ve attended in recent years. I was the Training Officer for my department for the last 3 years and attended plenty of training, but you guys really kept everyone’s interest, the information was easy to grasp and Captain Bloodgood spoke to us, not at us. Once again, great job.

Sgt. Sean Goggins
East Brunswick Police Dept

Jim I just wanted to thank you for all that you and your entire staff have done for my Sergeant promotional exam. Your test prep course was way more than sitting in a crowded room and staring at papers all day. I really benefitted from your multimedia approach, from cutting edge quiz apps to group chats with continuous updates. There was always a staff member to talk to about any concerns and I was able to meet up and have one on one attention in addition to the classes. This was a tremendous help for the oral interviews and that practice was priceless. Thank you again, and I have been recommending your program to everyone!

Michael Orr
West Caldwell Police

Thank you for all your help in preparing for the Sgt. Exam. I can definitely say I went into this test more confidant and prepared than the last time. Also, thank you for allowing those of us long-timers to stick around for so long. I feel I was very prepared for the video portion because of the class.

Greg Aronne
Marlboro PD

Lt. Harris,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, Capt. Bloodgood & Ptlm. Rizzo for your time in preparing me for my Lieutenant exam.

From the first phone call I made to you to inquire about your course, I felt like family. I was kept in the loop the entire time with up to the date relevant information. On my first day of class, I was asked what position I was testing for and I was given a name card with that rank on it, from that day forward I was all in & knew I had chosen the right company to help me. I had never been so prepared to take both the written & oral exams as the days that I took these back in the fall of 2014.

I can honestly say that I was totally prepared and there were no surprises. When I walked out of both exams, I knew that I had scored well.

When the results were posted, I came out number one!!

I could not have done it without your help! Thank you and I will continue to attend your in-service courses and refer everyone I know to your courses, they are second to none!

Keep up the great work!!!

Lieutenant Michael Hughes
Egg Harbor Township Police Department

Lt Harris,

I just wanted to make you aware the NJ State Corrections Lieutenants exam results were released last week Wednesday, September 2nd. I was 59th of 264 people that passed out of 500+ that took the test. The test was not like I expected (similar to the sergeants exam I took in 2011). You had to know the material, but understand the concepts (theory) of the material in answering a lot of the questions based upon a scenario and apply the logical or best answer. I was able to do what you and Lt McClain told me, which was to eliminate two answers and go with what you know to be the best answer and not second guess myself. Most questions I was able to pick the answer without having to resort to eliminating one or two answer, I just knew the answer.

I would say considering how long I waited to get serious about the exam (it was right at the moment you informed me of the exam date and about 20 days out) I could not have done what I feel I was able to do without your materials. Your videos were a direct reflection of the reading material and what I had determined was important from my reading of Effective Corrections Manager. I had read the book in its entirety prior to actually signing or joining Dropbox. I am an audio and visual person and I relied on your videos and then your written points to reinforce my understanding. I re-read each chapter of The Effective Corrections Manager immediately after listening to your videos. I re-read your 10A material numerous times to drill it into my head. As I said, the pressure was on and I had only a couple of weeks to study to include distractions of a personal nature and the proverbial honey do list/yard work to do.

Bottom line, your material deserves the lions share of the success I attained. I owe it largely to your study materials for how well I did. If I had of been more disciplined and focused, I would have scored even higher or if I had attended a classroom based curriculum which would have forced me to study harder.

So with great thanks to you and Lt Clay McClain, I will make lieutenant.

Sgt Scantling

I started my career in Law Enforcement several years ago as a Class II Officer, like many officers did. As a Class II, you’re looking for that full-time police job and the competition is tuff. I’ve taken the study courses in the past, the type were you’re being watched on camera every time you move or take a break. The type of class were you sit in your seat for hours going through several books of highlighted questions. As the first hour passes the fatigue starts to set in and you realize how minuteness and boring this is, yet you need it to have any chance of getting hired. As I was preparing for my first promotional test, I again attended one of these study groups. Knowing how these study courses work, I was already “bored”; however, if you want to get promoted, you need to take a course. The test results were terrible, needless to say I did not get promoted. When the test came out again, I found LT. Harris’s class. What a difference. This was an actual class setting with different instructors, group discussions, Q&A. I was even able to take notes during the class and bring them home to further study. I wish I found this class the first time I took the promotional exam. I did eventually get promoted to the rank of Sergeant and am thankful everyday to LT. Harris. As far as the question “Would you recommend this product”? Absolutely, I already have on several occasions.

Rob, Stafford Twp. 

I came across the J Harris Academy of Police Training online, after a Lieutenant Exam was announced for my agency located in Connecticut. I was contacted shortly thereafter by Lt. Harris. As I was initially apprehensive regarding the distance, Lt Harris advised me that his program of distance learning coupled with a few trips to New Jersey would prepare me for the test. All I can say is that it was the best decision I could have made. Lt. Harris and his staff offered top notch coaching and training for my test, making me confident and prepared on test days. I am now the number one candidate for promotion on my list and will be promoted to Lieutenant within the next 30 days. In this new era of highly competitive police promotional testing, the J Harris Academy of Police Training will give you the edge you need to top your competition! Thanks again Lt. Harris.

Frederick Jortner