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Here is a list of our favorite links for information, products and services. If you have suggestions about other sites to include click here to contact us.

New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines & Directives

This link provides you with direct access to the full version of new jersey attorney general guidelines & directives

Blue Line Emergency Lighting & Equipment

Blue Line has been a very big supporter of our efforts in educating law enforcement officers across New Jersey and surrounding states. Contact them for Emergency Related Supplies.

Team APC Tactical Training

Provider of quality tactical training.

NJ Supreme Court and Appellate Opinions

Recent opinions from the New Jersey Supreme Court and the Appellate Division.

Rutgers New Jersey Courts Search Page

A search engine for New Jersey Supreme Court and Appellate Divisions cases.

New Jersey Legislature Page

Research statutes, follow the progress of bills and access to recently enacted laws.

New Jersey Court Rules

Rules governing the courts of the state of New Jersey.

First-Line Supervisory Evaluation Form

Is your agency going to be having a promotional process with a supervisory evaluation will be conducted? If so, feel free to utilize this supervisory potential evaluation scale as a template.

Anyone utilizing this template holds harmless this company and its instructors and understands that this is a template for them to utilize to develop their own individual rating categories and criteria. All rating scales should be reviewed and approved by the agency’s legal representatives prior to use.