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Students that score in the top ten in the State of New Jersey will receive their next J. Harris Preparation Course at no charge.


2019 Critical Case Law Overview for New Jersey K9 Officers:

K9 Officers are expected to perform a variety of tasks from apprehending suspects to conducting searches for evidence.  K9 Officers must stay current on very specific areas of not only arrest, search and seizure but the use of force as well.  This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the critical areas for a K9 Officer.  This course will cover; avoiding civil rights violations, preserving Qualified Immunity, the Use of Force in New Jersey and the Third Circuit, Intentional Conduct versus Mistakes, requirements for a K9 announcement as well as K9 Arrest, Search and Seizure issues. This course a must for all K9 Officers and their supervisors.

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2019 Critical Case Law Overview for New Jersey K9 Officers


2019 New Jersey Open Public Records Act

(One-Day Update & Overview) 

This class is specifically designed to assist government officials in New Jersey with the understanding of the Open Public Records Act.  Instruction will review the exceptions to release, case law that has been decided over the past year, and create an opportunity for dialogue to discuss the issues and events that have occurred within our areas of responsibility.

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2019 New Jersey Open Public Records Act (One-Day Update & Overview)


 2019 Transitioning to Supervision:  Three-Day, Supervisor Development Course.

The shift from a patrol officer to a first-line supervisor has many challenges. The new supervisory officer has to not only navigate these encounters but also effectively handle normal, daily activities effectively.  This three-day program instructs new supervisors, or those soon to be promoted, with the essential aspects of becoming a supervisor and effectively handling these tasks. 

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2019 Transitioning to Supervision: Three-Day, Supervisor Development Course


2019 Search & Seizure for Proactive Policing:

  Understanding case law and its application is often confusing.  This course breaks down the complex issues associated with case law and presents them in an easy to understand format with examples of scenarios law enforcement officers frequently encounter in the field.    Some of the topics covered include: developing reasonable suspicion to justify investigative detentions of vehicles and persons, when a protective frisk can be conducted, automobile searches, developing probable cause for an arrest, warrantless searches, report writing, recently updated and case law and much more!

The course is for all law enforcement officers, regardless of their assignment!

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2019 Search & Seizure for Proactive Policing

2019 Effective Review of Use of Force Incidents:
This one day course is designed to provide an overview for first-line supervisors, shift commanders, Internal Affairs professionals and Command Staff on the effective review of Use of Force Incidents. Police agencies typically provide an in-depth review of serious use of force incidents only. However, it is the effective review for all incidents involving force that assist an agency with proper training of officers and protecting the officers and organization from issues.

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2019 Effective Review of Use of Force Incidents